July Enrollment FAQs2023-03-01T11:50:52-08:00

July Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

San Diego Mission Academy – July Enrollment  Contact Information

▪ Note: San Diego Mission Academy is a virtual program and does not operate a brick-and-mortar site. Please call or email us to speak to someone at the school.

How do students receive grades and transcripts when done with the course(s)?2023-03-01T07:44:14-08:00
  • High School Students: The Records Team will email 1 official transcript to the student and parent.
  • Students should call us if contact information for student or school changes from
    time of enrollment.
  •  Middle School: Transcript will be emailed by request.
How long will it take for the school to receive a student transcript?2023-03-01T07:44:19-08:00

Transcripts should be received by email within 2 weeks of the student’s end date.

How many classes can students take?2022-03-23T09:31:24-07:00
  • Students can take 2 semester-credit courses (3 with approval) to recover credits from failed classes, or to get ahead, for a maximum of 15 semester credits.
  • If students desire to take 3 classes, please call us or email us to let us know as soon as possible.
  • Our admissions technicians will be calling the number on the registration form to confirm enrollment. Parents/students can discuss a 3rd class at that time too.
How much time are students required to spend on schoolwork?2022-03-23T09:32:22-07:00
  • Our coursework is paced for independent study. Students work at their own pace, guided by due dates for each assignment. Live instructional support is available, but there are no “classes,” at certain times to attend or log into.
  • A semester-long course requires an average of 40 hours to complete (on average).
  • 4-6 hours of dedicated coursework each day, M-F, is required for successful completion.
How much time will students have to complete classes? When do they end?2022-03-23T09:26:55-07:00

Students must complete all coursework 5 business days prior to the start of the student’s fall semester start date (as indicated on the calendar for the school of residence or as communicated by the school counselor).

Is San Diego Mission Academy accredited?2022-03-23T09:16:48-07:00
Is there a cost to the program?2022-03-21T11:49:30-07:00

July Enrollment is free of cost. San Diego Mission Academy (SDMA) is a public school.

Is there any attendance required on site?2022-03-21T13:33:51-07:00

The July Enrollment Program is a fully virtual program. It is 100% online. No attendance at a physical
site is required.

What are the hours of operation?2022-03-21T13:48:11-07:00
  • Teachers and Tutors are available M-F 8am-9pm.
  • Live Tutor Chat is also available M-F 8am-9pm
  •  Course access is available 24/7 online (though teacher support is only 8am-9pm)
  • Our Admissions & Records Team is available by phone or email M-F 8am-4pm to assist with enrollment questions, and transcripts.
What curriculum do you use?2022-03-23T09:34:03-07:00
  • Apex Learning Courses that are approved by UC A-G* and NCAA* and are taught by our in-house credentialed teachers. (*see HS course list for details).  
What grade levels and ages does SDMA serve?2022-03-21T13:36:24-07:00

Grades 6th-12th, and students ages 11-18.

What if a student or school needs additional transcripts or did not receive one?2023-03-01T11:54:19-08:00
  • Students/Parents or school officials may request additional transcripts year-round by:
    • Emailing our July Enrollment team – [email protected]
    • visiting the website – click “Records Request” under the “Support” menu bar
  • Unofficial transcript can be sent via email to the student/parent\
  • Official transcript can be sent via mail to the student/parent
  • Official Transcript can be mailed, emailed, or efaxed to the students school Registrar or Counselor
What if I don’t finish my entire class?2022-03-23T09:44:17-07:00
  • San Diego Mission Academy will set due dates to assist and guide students in timely course completion. However, it is the responsibility of the student to manage time and ensure an appropriate schedule of study is set up at home to ensure success.
  • SDMA will award partial credits on the transcript for incomplete courses. It is up to the student’s transferring school administration to award or deny partial credits
    • Students may enroll in a future summer, winter, or spring intercession (if eligible) to complete remaining credits.
What materials are needed?2022-03-21T13:34:41-07:00

A computer with internet access is all that is required.

System requirements can be found on our website here.

What students can enroll for July Enrollment at SDMA?2022-03-21T13:35:55-07:00

Any student residing in San Diego, Riverside, Imperial, or Orange County.

When do Classes Start?2023-03-01T07:44:31-08:00

July 3, 2023. Students must register prior to July 1 to participate in July Enrollment due to staffing and budget constraints.


Note: We strongly recommend students consult with their school counselor for appropriate course selection!
How do students sign up?
1. Go to the website: https://www.sdmissionacademy.org/july-classes/.
2. Complete the Registration Form embedded into the website.
Note: if using a mobile phone, click on “MOBILE VERSION CLICK HERE TO ENROLL”

a. GRADE LEVEL: The grade level selected at the top of the form will populate the dropdown for the course list lower down.

Students should select the appropriate grade level for the 2023-2024 school year so that the correct course list shows up.

b. NCAA: An Online Summer Technician (OST) will follow up with students who need NCAA approved coursework. We will ask for the student’s NCAA registration number upon confirmation of enrollment.

c. COURSE SELECTION: Students will begin by selecting a maximum of TWO courses for this year’s July Enrollment.
i. Students can take 1 semester course every 10 school days.
ii. Students can take a maximum of 3 semester courses in the July Enrollment period.
1. If students desire to take a 3rd, class, they should list their first two priority classes, and call to inform the July Enrolment Team of their  3rd class.

They should not complete the form more than once.

d. MASTER AGREEMENT: Students and parents will be signing their Master Agreement for Independent Study with their enrollment at this time.

They will need to be the ones that start and complete the registration form (someone else won’t be able to do it for them).

High School Course List

Course Name Total Credits
Creative Writing 5 Credits (1 Semester)
English 9 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
English 10 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
English 11 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
English 12 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Algebra I 10 Credits ( 2 Semesters)
Algebra II 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Geometry 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Mathematics I 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Mathematics II 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Mathematics III 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Precalculus 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Statistics and Probability 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Biology 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Chemistry 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Earth Science 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Environmental Studies 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Physics 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Economics 5 Credits (1 Semester)
Ethnic Studies 5 Credits (1 Semester)
Geography and World Cultures 5 Credits (1 Semester)
U.S. Government and Politics 5 Credits (1 Semester)
U.S. History 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
World History 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Spanish I 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Spanish II 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Spanish III 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
French I 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
French II 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Art Appreciation 5 Credits (1 Semester)
Music Appreciation 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Physical Education I 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Physical Education II 10 Credits (2 Semesters)
Health Education 5 Credits (1 Semester)
Psychology 5 Credits (1 Semester)
Sociology 5 Credits (1 Semester)

Middle School Course List

Course Name Total Credits
English 6 2 Semesters
English 7 2 Semesters
English 8 2 Semesters
Math 6 2 Semesters
Math 7 2 Semesters
Math 8 2 Semesters
Pre-algebra 2 Semesters
Algebra I 2 Semesters
MS Civics 2 Semesters
MS World History and Geography 2 Semesters
MS US History and Geography 2 Semesters
Science 6 2 Semesters
Science 7 2 Semesters
Science 8 2 Semesters
MS Life Science 2 Semesters
MS Earth Science 2 Semesters
MS Physical Science 2 Semesters
English Foundation I 2 Semesters
English Foundation II 2 Semesters
Reading Skills and Strategies 1 Semester
Writing Skills and Strategies 1 Semester
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